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Grundfos ALPHA2 26-99FC Variable Speed Circulator Pump with AUTOADAPT PN-99490916 PN-99490916, 1x115V 60Hz, Check Valve Included The Grundfos ALPHA2 26-99 is a medium sized, energy efficient circulator fitted with a permanent magnet motor (ECM) and frequency converter. Featuring eight different operating modes including constant pressure AUTOADAPT and proportional pressure AUTOADAPT, the ALPHA2 26-99 is the perfect fit for any heating application. AUTOADAPT functionality enables the ALPHA2 26-99 to control operation automatically within a defined performance range. When set in proportional pressure AUTOADAPT or constant pressure AUTOADAPT, the pump will automatically analyze the heating system, find the optimum system curve and duty point and continue to adjust its operation to changes in demand. A magnetite resistant design, robust ceramic shaft and stainless-steel bearing plate ensure that the ALPHA2 26-99 reliably delivers the optimal system flow at the lowest possible energy consumption. ALPHA2 26-99 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in heating and airconditioning systems. These circulators are equipped with a conduit box for easy installation of the power cable. ALPHA2 26-99 models are internally controlled and are designed for systems with variable flow rates, where the pump is internally controlled via a user interface. Speed control can reduce power consumption considerably. Grundfos ALPHA2 26-99FC Features: 8 intelligent control modes: Three defined proportional pressure curve settings Three defined constant pressure curve settings Constant pressure AUTOADAPT Proportional pressure AUTOADAPT Magnetite resistant design protects the pump from harmful iron oxide found in heating systems High efficiency pump design and controls reduce energy consumption by up to 85% 360 [mNm] starting torque clears pump of system debris and sediment Designed with trusted ECM technology which has been used by Grundfos for more than 16 years System and pump protection warning and alarm indicators LED light indicators for pump settings and alarms Easy to use push button control settings Designed using 65+ years of hydronic heating experience Applications: Closed loop radiant heating & snow melting systems, solar thermal secondary loops Baseboard/Radiator/Fan coil heating and other hydronic heating applications. Air Source Heat pumps (hydronic) Geothermal de-super heaters Multiple Zones Technical Specifications of Grundfos ALPHA2 26-99FC : Flow Range: 0 - 26 gpm (0 - 5.9 m 3/h) Head Range: 0 - 42 ft (0 - 12.8 m) Supply voltage: 1 x 115 V, + 10 %/- 10 %, 60 Hz Power usage (approximate): 3 - 120 W Amps: Max. 1.7 A Horsepower: 0.16 hp Min. Fluid Temperature: 14 °F (-10 °C) Max. Fluid Temperature (continuously): 203 °F (95 °C) Max. Outlet Pressure: 150 psi (10 bar) Flange-to-flange length: 6.5 in (165 mm) Pump housing: Cast iron Approvals: cULus Listed Warranty: 3 years manufacturer's warranty. Pump Curve + Dimensions +
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GRUNFOS ALPHA2 15F/LC VARIABLE SPEED CIRCULATION PUMP WITH AUTOADAPT Includes Insulation kit, 120 VAC NEMA Power Chord and Check Valve Circulating Pump-Grundfos ALPHA2 15-55 is the standard by which all other variable speed circulating pumps are measured. The ALPHA2 15-55 has a cast iron body with a permanent magnetic motor that allows it reduce energy consumption by over 50% compared to standard circulation pumps. The LC model includes a standard 115 VAC Nema power chord. This product comes with a custom insulated jacket ideal for both heating and cooling. Check valve is also included. AUTOADAPT measures the system changes and automatically adapts to maximize the energy or to maintain a certain flow rate. Great for multiple zones that open and close at different times as the AUTOADAPT will sense the pressure drop increases the pump speed to compensate for added zones. Grundfos ALPHA2 15-55F/LC Features: Large display shows current energy consumption in Watts Large display shows estimated flow in gallons per minute Integrated check-valve (removable) Line chord 110 -120 VAC Cast Iron pump housing Insulated pump jacket A one button, easy-to-use interface 3 Fixed Speeds 3 Constant Pressure Speeds AutoAdapt Range Applications: Closed loop radiant heating & snow melting systems, solar thermal secondary loops Baseboard/Radiator/Fan coil heating and other hydronic heating applications Air Source Heat pumps (hydronic) Geothermal de-super heaters Multiple Zones Technical Specifications of Grundfos ALPHA2 15-55F/LC : Flow Range: 0 to 21 GPM Head Range: 0 to 19 Feet Motor: 1x115V Min. Fluid Temperature: 36F Max. Fluid Temperature: 230F Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI Watts: 5-45W Amps: 0.65A 1/16 HP Warranty: 3 years manufacturer's warranty. Pump Curve +
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Solar Feed Pump Station - ST-Pump-Feeder-MF 200 - S MODEL MF200-S ‘SOLAR PAL’ MINI SYSTEM FEEDER The ‘SOLAR PAL’ is designed for application with Solar systems collectors typicaly mounted high on the structure that may require higher static fill pressures than conventional residential and light commercial projects. The system feeder can provide fill pressure as high as 35 psig. It is compatible with water and most commonly used anti-freeze solutions. NOTE – the system pressure relief valve must be rated to handle the higher pressure. Do not use the MF200-S in any application with a 30psig relief valve. Features: 22.7 liter (6.0 US gallon) tank for storage and mixing Power supply plugs into any standard 115 VAC outlet Diaphragm pump can run dry without damage No direct connection to potable water supply eliminates need for backflow prevention Make-up fluid stored in the feeder tank can be pre-treated Diverter valve allows easy purging of air on initial start-up, and manual agitation of solution Prevents major floods - in the event of system rupture, only the contents of the tank will be pumped into the system Provides leak detection - dropping fluid level provides immediate notice that the system has developed a leak Fluid drained for service can easily be put back into the system Fluid level switch shuts the pump off if the storage tank level gets too low Auxiliary dry contact included for remote low pressure alarm (alarm optional or by others) ELECTRICAL: Fused Power supply adapter 115/60/1 to 24 VDC Rated 50 watts AC LED Power Light PUMP PERFORMANCE: 0.04 l/s (0.7 gpm) @ free flow Self-priming up to 1.2 m (4 feet) +
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Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services