Energy Star 2020

Emerging Technology Award

Energy Star

Arctic Heat Pumps has received the 2020 Emerging Technology Award presented by Energy Star. Based on independent lab testing, the Arctic Heat Pump achieved the highest performance results in its class of Air to Water Heat Pumps. These results were independently tested to AHRI 550/590 (2018) Standards for performance rating of water-chilling and Heat Pump Water-heating Packages Using the Vapor Compression Cycle.

2020 Emerging Technology Award

Arctic Heat Pumps utilize both an Enhanced Vapor Injection technology as well as a DC compressor to achieve unparalleled performance results, especially in colder weather. The air to water heat pumps is a relatively new addition to the North American HVAC market, but this modern hydronic technology has been proven for many years in Europe.

Unlike Air-to-Air Heat pumps, Air-to-Water Heat Pumps (ATW) remove the energy from the air and deliver it directly to hydronic heating or cooling fluid. The ability to store the energy is a great feature that allows a slow release of the energy back to the building as needed. Delivering this energy via a small hydronic pump results in even further cost savings versus large central fan motors. Hydronic Heating has always been known for its more even energy distribution when compared to forced air heating systems.

Hydronic Heating delivers more even space heat

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