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Advanced Controllers

Access your heat pump system anywhere, any time!

At Arctic Heat Pumps we do not just supply the worlds most efficient air-to-water heat pumps, we also supply and connect these systems seamlessly with our integrated control & automations systems.

Wi-Fi remote control is standard with all our heat pumps, but with integrated centralized control – we can manage every aspect of your HVAC system all under one centralized platform.

From weather-compensated target temperature control, to back up and zone control we can help!

From one heat pump to multiple heat pumps, and large projects needing multiple zones including radiant floor cooling, we have you covered!

Maximize the performance of your heat pump system

Wifi Zoning System

Maximize the performance of your heat pump system

To maximize the performance of any modern heating system, it is essential to operate at the exact load.

An outdoor reset controller our Arctic Heat Pump systems can calculate the exact design temperature needed at any given outdoor temperature to satisfy the dwelling’s heating load. As it gets colder, our Arctic System will increase the supply temperature – and as it warms up it will drop this temp. This feature is also available in cooling!

Traditional systems simply have a single set temp and 98% of the time are operating above the required temperature wasting money.

Radiant Floor
Supplies & Zoning

Complete radiant floor heating supplies including radiant floor piping, manifolds and zone actuators to create different room temperatures.

Radiant Floor
Supplies & Zoning

Radiant Floor Supplies & Zoning

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