DC Inverter - Energy Savings up to 70%

With the use of EVI DC inverter compressors, brushless DC fan motors and PFC control method, the heat pump is able to more accurately regulate its power output. There is no starting capacitor required, and the unit can soft start and stop and adjust its speeds to accommodate conditions. This result in 70% less operating cost compared to other air source heat pumps.

Precise Temperature Control

Our heat pump can change the operating frequency of the compressors automatically according to the heating or cooling demand. When the target temperature is reached, the units run at a lower frequency, which allows much more precise temperature control.

Speed up Heating/Cooling Time

When there is a large difference between the actual temperature and the programmed temperature, our unit can run at a higher frequency to increase or decrease the temperature quickly, resulting in more comfort.

Intelligent Defrosting

Traditional Defrosting Method
Cold climate heat pumps with traditional defrosting methods use a start time and a start temperature. Once the ambient temperature reaches or is lower than -7 C, the unit will start defrosting. This results in wasted energy, as it will defrost regardless of whether the system needs it or not.

Intelligent Defrosting Method
Our Arctic Heat Pumps use intelligent defrosting which incorporates pressure sliding technology that determines the exact defrosting time and start pressure required according to the real ambient temperature. This saves energy, and makes the heat pump work more efficiently.

EVI – Enhanced Vapor Injection

By using an Enhanced Vapor Injection, the heat is removed from the high pressure circuit before entering the primary expansion valve. The Freon now enters into the low pressure evaporator at an even colder (sub cooled) temperature allowing it to absorb more energy from the air even at as low as -30C. The heat removed in the EVI system now passes through a second Electronic Expansion Valve where its becomes a medium temperature gas and is directly injected into the compressor to increase performance by a further 20% even in harsh cold temperatures. COLDER OPERATING TEMPERATURE – HIGHER PERFORMANCE

Intelligent Controller

Our self-developed wire controller uses an LCD touch screen, and can be installed on the wall inside your house. It provides you a convenient way of controlling your heat pump and is applicable to RS485 communication.

Core Component

Our Arctic Heat Pumps use the best components in the industry, but just as important is the fact that no component in our system is proprietary. This allows any AC or HVAC mechanic to service our systems, and all of the parts that might be required for maintenance can be found on the shelf at most wholesalers. We also have a full line of replacement parts available for next day shipping!
Panasonic compressor
Wilo Star RS Riverst
Y-fins Copper
Electronic Expansion Valves
Low Temprature System
Protections shield