Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Arctic Inverter Heat Pump – North Americas only UL listed cold weather spa and pool heat pumps. Rated to -20 C (-5F).

Heat pump technology has been widely adopted in the pool industry due to its significant cost savings. In fact, most pool heat pumps can save owners 70% or more in heating costs. However, these heat pumps have two major problems.

  1. They only work during the pool swimming season and quickly lose their efficiency as the outdoor temperature drops.
  2. Their achievable output is the upper 80 degrees, much too cold for hot tub temperature.

Until now most spa owners were stuck with standard electric heaters. However, electricity is becoming more and more expensive and will continue this upper trend. The Arctic Inverter Pool Heat Pump comes in four sizes ranging from 5 Kw to 26 KW. The smallest 015ZA/B is ideal for smaller hot tub and spas. The largest 060ZA/B is ideal for pool owners. All four models can work in temperatures as low as -20 C (-5 F). For climates requiring even colder operating, all Arctic Inverter Pool Heat Pump come standard with a back up option to generate aux heat when required.

Chiller and Heater in one unit

Chiller and Heater in one unit

While pool and hot tub users most often reference their heating requirements, the Arctic Heat Pump is also a chiller if needed. That’s right.....It can heat and cool based on a simple controller selection. Ideal for hot climates that need a retreat from the hot summer heat! A cold-water plunge is a must for Sauna owners. Now you can quickly change your hot tub to a cold plunge tub! Cold water therapy has many health benefits and is growing in popularity in North America as we discover what the Nordic Culture has practice for centuries. Find out more about the health benefits of cold-water therapy.

Pool Chillers - Excessively hot swimming pools cause problems with the chemical imbalance and can quickly become full of algae if not properly monitored. Chlorine gases evaporates as the water temperature rises. In areas such as California, Texas, Arizona and Florida, the hot summer temperatures can be difficult for pool owners. The Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps allows owners to reduce the temperatures back down to proper levels. By Chilling your pool, you can get reprieve from hot summer heat waves, when the temperature drops, the Arctic Heat Pump will switch back to heating mode.



High Temperature Water Outlet

Arctic Spa Heat Pumps can produce up to 104°F high temperature water. Ideal for hot tubs and spas.


Titanium Heat Exchanger

A titanium heat exchanger ensuring a long working life. Arctic Spa Heat Pumps use titanium to stand up to the harsh environment of a spa or a pool which can include high levels of chlorine or bromine.


Organized Pipeline Distribution

When open the casing of the units, copper and water pipelines is neatly distributed, making it much easier for heat pump maintenance.


Save $

Save up to 80% on you pool or hot tub heating bill. With COP of up to 6.4 this means for every Kw you spend operating your Arctic Heat Pump you will gain 6.4 Kw of heat energy, netting you 5.4 Kw of Free Heat! This is substantially better than any gas or electric heater in the market.


Low Ambient Temperature Operation

The only pool heat pump in North America that has been designed to work in cold weather. Features such as hot gas defrost and reversing valve ensure the Arctic Pool and Spa Heat Pumps can provide useable heat energy in temperatures as low as 20 F (-7 C).


Heater and Chiller

All Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps are both heater as well as chillers. On automatic the heat pump will maintain the ideal temperature by switching from heating to cooling mode as needed. Great for hot summer climates where a refreshing pool is welcomed in the heat waves.

How it works

Arctic SPA Heat Pumps



heatpump installation

A heat pump should be installed with a bypass valve so that the flow rate can be adjusted in the system.  If a chlorinator is being used it is recommended to place the heat pump upstream of the chlorinator.


Front Of Unit

Unit front open

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Back Of Unit

Unit Back Open

Unit Controller

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