Heat or cool with
your complete
air-to-water heat pump

Save 60-75%, when compared to traditional heating systems

Reduce your carbon footprint and store energy in our hydronic heat pumps to heat or cool any aspect of your home – from domestic hot water, in-floor heating or cooling, radiators, air handlers, even pools and hot tubs.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps – Stand-alone or as a pre-heat with 200 foot internal cooper coil for domestic hot water.

EVI technology

Three Sizes to choose from - EVI technology with Inverter Compressor. Works down to -30 C (-22 F)

Composite Buffer Tanks

Composite Buffer Tanks – Light weight with the highest insulation value on the market

Radiant Floor Heating

Complete Radiant Floor Heating & Cooling Packages

Hydronic Cooling

Optional - Hydronic Cooling with Mixing Valve and Humidity Control

Air Handler Heating and Cooling Packages

Complete Central Air Handler Heating and Cooling Packages including both High Velocity and Low Velocity distribution systems

Fan Coil Heating and Cooling Packages

Complete Fan Coil Heating and Cooling Packages

Arctic Inverter Heat Pump

The Arctic Inverter Heat Pump is North America’s only UL-listed cold weather spa and pool heat pump. Rated to -20ºC (-5ºF).

Best in class hydronic heat pump design

All of our complete customized hydronic systems use the best components in the industry. From the latest Grundfos UPSe pumps to our HBX system controllers, we have you covered. We don’t just sell heat pumps; we sell and design complete custom heating and cooling solutions including your hot water needs.

Our air to water
heat pumps
all over the world

With their industry-leading design innovation and energy efficient performance, our air to water heat pumps are making headlines all over the world.

Top 10 Award - Renewable Energy Leaders
Emerging Technology Award

Cold climate air to
water heat pump

Our cold climate heat pumps are able to achieve higher performance at lower temperatures, thanks to this industry-leading technology.

Heat or chill your
pool and spa

The Arctic Inverter Heat Pump is North America’s only UL-listed cold weather spa and pool heat pump. Rated to -20ºC (-5ºF).

hot water

One of the best investments in any home is a Heat Pump Water Heater.
Explore our models, specs, and capabilities of an Arctic Heat domestic hot water system.

Radiant heating
& cooling

Using state of the art CAD design software we can design & optimize the design of your hydronic heat pump for optimal performance.

Hydronic design services

design services

FREE with the purchase of your heat pump system!

We design custom hydronic systems to fit every need – all based on performance, efficiency, simplicity, and reliability.

Configure & pricing tools

& pricing tools

Choose your system needs and use our interactive tools to look at different build and pricing options.

Complete our sizing form for personalized advice!

Connect with an expert

Connect with
an expert

No one knows air to water heat pumps like we do!

Get in touch, no matter where you’re at in your project plans. We’d be so happy to help!

The best cold climate heat pump available

Our Arctic Heat Pumps will cover your heating needs down to -30ºC (-22ºF). Depending on where you are living there could be a few days of the year colder than this operating temperature. This is why we provide a backup heating element inside our EcoUltra buffer tanks. If the water drops below the low temperature set point, the heat pump will automatically turn on the back up heater to help deliver only the added energy needed. However, average winter temperatures below -30ºC in North America are only seen in the most northern communities, meaning almost everyone has the ability to use our heat pump with very little backup power ever needed.

Leading the pack with
innovation and efficiency

Leading the pack
with innovation
and efficiency

With industry-leading energy efficient technology, high quality components, a wide-range operational temperature – our Arctic Heat Pumps noticeably outweigh the competition. See the side-by-side competitive analysis for yourself.

Air to water heat pump features

No matter how you choose to use your hydronic heat pump system – one thing is guaranteed. It’s efficient design and incredible list of features are sure to save you up to 75% when compared to traditional heating system.

Up to 70% Energy Savings
UP TO 70%
Heating & Cooling
Precise Temperature Control
Wi-Fi Enabled Controller
Tested in extreme weather

Tested in

Tested in extreme weather

Our state-of-the-art testing facility is located in Winnipeg Manitoba – in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. We see some of the most varied weather conditions seen worldwide – both hot and cold – which makes it the perfect environment to test the endurance and abilities of our air to water heat pumps.

Heat pump Reviews Stars

Customer reviews

Our Arctic Heat Pump has for the last four winters in Climate Zone 4B provided outstanding performance (Air - to - hydronic floor heating).

Dr. Gary Hedlund, Crowheart, Wyoming


Visit our air to water heat pump project gallery

Whether you’re looking to add air to water heat pumps to your residential or commercial space, our team of experts will be happy to work with you to design a custom cold weather heat pump system that will perform the absolute best for your needs. See a collection of projects we’re proud to have been a part of.

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