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The Arctic Extreme High Temperature Heat Pump can deliver usable water temperatures as high as 75 C or 167 F.

High Temperature  Heat Pumps
Arctic Extreme High Temperature Heat Pump

Arctic Extreme
High Temperature
Heat Pump

Arctic Extreme High Temperature Heat Pump

Arctic Extreme High Temperature Heat Pump

This high temperature Heat Pump can be used where most other heat pumps can’t deliver, such as direct boiler replacement or for high temperature domestic hot water. The Arctic Extreme can operate in temperatures as low as -30 C/ -22 F while still producing energy savings that exceed traditional electric boilers.

High Temperature Heat Pump Features

High temp Output – 75C/167F
High temp Output – 75C/167F
Works down to -30c/-22F
Works down to -30c/-22F
UL/CSA Certified
UL/CSA Certified
A+ Rating for Energy Savings
A+ Rating for Energy Savings

How it works

The operating temperatures of Heat Pumps are limited to the type of freon used. R410a and R32 can boil (evaporate) at temperatures as low as -45 C (-49F). This low boil point allows them to extract heat from very cold air temperatures. However, these freons are limited on the hot side to around 55 C (132 F). Other Freons can operate at a much high temperature but fail to operate in cold temperatures.

Introducing the Arctic Extreme, North America’s only high temperature EVI heat pump! By using two compression cycles, each with a different Freon, we are able to boost the operating temperatures as high as 75 C. (167F) while still being able to operate at very cold temperatures.

heat pump working
heat pump working steps

Step 1:

Used our standard EVI Heat Pump to Extract the energy from cold air.

Step 2:

Instead of transferring the energy to the Hydronic Loop, the Energy is transferred through a Heat Exchanger to second refrigeration loop.

Step 3:

Uses R-134a to raise the refrigerant temperature as high as 75C (167F).

Enhanced Vapour
Injection Technology

Using EVI technology (Enhanced Vapour Injection), the first stage compressor is able to greatly reduce the temperature of the freon entering the evaporator. A lower freon temperature means the system can extract more energy from the air at a lower temperature. Our units work in weather as cold as -30C /-22F.

Hot Water
up to 75°C

It is suitable for houses which have poor insulation or existing old radiator.

Panasonic EVI DC
Inverter Compressor

Compressor Efficiency 25%

Being the smart heat pumps, KFXRS-101/A perfectly combines eco-friendly R410A refrigerant and advanced new technology of EVI DC inverter to produce 55°C hot water -25°C low temperature condition reducing power consumption and improve the heating capacity.

Finned Heat

Hydrophilic Aluminium Finned Evaporator.

The finned heat exchanger is with corrugated copper tubes to greatly improve thermal efficiency, and with hydrophilic coating surface for sufficient defrosting.

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