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Pre-Packaged Heat Pump System

Arctic Heat Pump packages are designed as optimized pre-engineered systems designed to facilitate and simplify the installation while maximizing the performance and reducing system costs. As one of North America’s leading provider of Low Temperature Heat Pumps, our packages use ‘best in class’ industry components that focus on reliability and energy efficiency. The result is the highest performance ratings in the industry!

Pre-Package System

Save Time and Money on Installation
Reliability – all components are engineered to work together
Combined warranty – Full 3-year package warranty on the entire system
Centralized control system for ease of use with Wi-Fi
High energy output and low energy input = Savings
Integrated back up
Optional controller features such as outdoor reset (both heating & cooling), load balancing (multiple units), remote alerts (via email), dual redundant back up, seasonal adjustable priority selection (heating or cooling)
Full system support for design, installation, and commissioning of the system packages

With our pre-packaged systems, contactors and homeowners are given all the main system components with full instructions on integrating them together. Wire diagrams and plumbing layouts are included so that installers have a clear instruction set to follow, this allows successful installations the first time even for contractors new to the Air-to-Water heat pump market.


The package consists of a System Engine and a Distribution System with some possible upgrades such as domestic hot water or an advanced heat pump controller.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Packages
Hydronic Fan Coil Packages
Hydronic Forced Air Packages

System Engine

This engine consists of a heat pump, circulation pump, buffer tank and a back up. With a proper heat loss design, we can accurately size the engine to any project, this includes both the size of the heat pump, storage buffer tank and the backup sizing.

Distribution System

This system consists of a custom project design for the distribution of the energy into the house. Common distribution system methods are Radiant Floor Heating, Fan Coils, and Central Air Handler Units (AHU). We can also design the distribution system using combination of these methods such as radiant floor heating with centralized AHU doing heating and cooling. Zoning is also an important part of the distribution system allowing customers to have different temperature climate zones in their house and offices.


The two most common optional upgrades consist of domestic hot water and more advanced heat pump controllers.

Complete System Design Packages

System Heat Pump Engine

System Heat Pump Engine

Distribution System

Distribution System

Options - DHW

Options - DHW

All our System Designs are FREE of charge; however, a proper heating/cooling load is needed. This can be done by your builder or designer. However, if you do not have a heating and cooling load for the project, we can provide you one at an affordable cost and this service is credited back to your project should you decide to purchase a system from Arctic Heat Pumps.

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System Design

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