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cad design

If you are in new construction phase or retrofitting an existing construction, let us help. We can assist you through the design process, as well as put together a complete integrated hydronic heating package from the hydronic heat pump to the PEX piping and manifolds and everything in-between!

Quick Setter Flow Balancer

Large Scale Systems can be done by adding multiple heat pumps in parallel. When doing so we recommend the RESOL MX Controller which can pair up to 13 units in series for a very large system size. When adding multiple heat pumps, pipe sizing should be increased after the header to accommodate the added flow of more than one pump.

Buffer Tank for Heat Pumps

One of the most asked question is do I need a buffer tank with a hydronic heat pump? Despite trying to save some dollars by not purchasing a buffer tank, it is always recommended and should be included in any hydronic heat pump system including both geo thermal and low temperature heat pumps such as Arctic Heat Pump. There are a few reason why a buffer tank is used.

GeoThemal versus Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps have been around since the 1980’s and are considered a mature technology. They work well and provide home owners great savings. Both geothermal and air source heat pumps work using virtually the same technology, however low energy costs in North America has resulted in low adoption of Heat pump technology which was more commonly implemented in Europe and Asia.

How Cold Climate Heat Pumps Work

Arctic Cold Climate Heat Pumps are specifically designed to work in temperatures below freezing as low as -25C (-15F). Few people realize that the air below freezing has nearly the same amount of relative energy as it does above freezing. By understanding the concept that air contains energy, we can then begin to understand how a cold climate heat pump can work. Only in space where the temperature is -273 C (absolute zero) is there no energy left in the air.

Heat Pump with Solar

The Arctic Heat Pump is already the most energy efficient air source heat pump for cold climates on the market in North America. However, this is not the only reason that our heat pumps are industry leading for hydronic heating and cooling applications. All of our systems are designed to quickly integrate with a solar thermal heater. This can increase the overall efficiency and operating costs of your system by a further 20%.