Chillers for Pools

Chillers for Pools

In warmer climates regulating the pool temperature from getting to hot can become a problem. Water temperatures above 30 C or 86 F can become problematic. First the warm temperature is ideal for algae and other bacteria growth. Second, is that choline gases dissipate quickly with warm water and require stronger doses. More chlorine leads to uncomfortable irritation of eyes and skin. If the pool is left untreated in warm weather, then it will quickly turn to a green mess! As a rule of thumb for every 10 degrees F over 80 F, you will require 2 times as much chlorine.

Solution – Arctic Pool Heat Pumps are “Hybrid Heaters” that heat as well as chill the water. With the automatic temperature function you can set the temperature and the pool spa heat pump will maintain the temperature by either cooling if the water exceeds the set point or heating if the water drops below the set point. Having a built-in pool chiller is a great feature for those tropical climates and will make your pool or spa that much more enjoyable. A refreshing dip in the middle of a summer heat wave is always welcomed!

Because the Arctic Pool and Spa Heat Pump is based on a refrigeration cycle, it is not affected by humidity. Other pool chillers on the market relay on evaporation chilling which is ineffective in humid climates. It also uses water as its chilling source and not great for places like Arizona or California where water is a premium.

Cold plunge pools- the health benefits of cold-water emersion have been recognized by the medical community. Taking short dips in cold water can elevate your heart rate provide a stimulus to the nervous system. The Arctic Pool & Spa Chiller can drop the water temperatures to as low as 45 F

Advantages of Arctic Pool & Spa Chiller

Set your desired temperature to maintain – heat pump will automatically chill or heat your pool as needed

Helps conserve water, does not work on evaporation like other chillers

Consistent performance regardless of humidity

Titanium heat exchanger impervious to harsh water chemistry is not affected by high levels of chlorine or salt water pools

Specifications – Heating and Cooling

Air to Water Swimming Pool Spa Heat Pump
 Model ARCTIC SPA-10 SPA-15 POOL-25
Cooling: outdoor air temp: 43℃, outlet water temp: 32℃, input water temp: 34℃
Cooling Capacity① kW 7.6 13.6 18.1
BTU/h 26000 46500 61800
EER①  A:43/W:32 W/W 3.6 3.6 3.6
Input Power① kW 2.10 3.78 5.04
Input Current① A 9.5 17.2 22.9
Heating: Outdoor air temp: 24℃/19℃, outlet water temp: 28℃, input water temp: 26℃
Heating Capacity① kW 10.5 18.9 25.2
BTU/h 35900 64500 86000
COP①  A:24/W:28 W/W 5.5 5.5 5.5
Input Power① kW 1.91 3.44 4.58
Input Current① A 8.7 15.6 20.8
Heating: Outdoor air temp: 15℃/12℃, outlet water temp: 28℃, input water temp: 26℃
Heating Capacity② kW 8.8 15.8 21.0
BTU/h 30100 54000 71700
COP②  A:15/W:28 W/W 4.6 4.6 4.6
Input Power② kW 1.91 3.43 4.57
Input Current② A 8.7 15.6 20.8
Max Current A 12.5 22.6 30.1
 Power Supply V/PH/Hz 220/1/60 220/1/60 220/1/60
 Grade of Water Proof   IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Automatic Heating/Cooling   Yes Yes Yes
Low Temp Operation   -7C/20F -7C/20F -7C/20F
Max Water Temp - Heating C/F 40 C/104 F 40 C/104 F 40 C/104 F
Min Water Temp - Cooling C/F 7 C/45 F 7 C/45 F 7 C/45 F
 Compressor Type   Rotary Rotary Scroll
 Compressor Qty   1 1 1
 Fan Qty   1 1 1
 Fan Direction   horizontal horizontal horizontal
 Noise dB(A) 50 54 55
 Water Connection inch 1–1/2" 1–1/2" 1–1/2"
 Water Flow Rate GPM 13.25 23.86 31.79
 Water Pressure Drop Feet Head 5 5.5 5.5
 Refrigerant Type   R410A
 Unit Net Dimensions ( L/M/H ) inches L/W/H 44"/18.5"/27.5" 44"/18.5"/37.2" 44"/18.5"/49.2"
 Net Weight kg/lbs 87/190 111/244 115/253
 Shipping Weight kg/lbs 93/205 119/262 125/275

Chiller for Spa and Hot Tub

Chiller for Spa and Hot Tub

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