The majority of our customers use either centralized hydronic forced air (Air Handlers) or in floor radiant systems to distribute their heat pump’s energy into their home air. However, hydronic fan coils are also a great option for some customers and are sometimes overlooked. We have put together a list of situations that would warrant us to recommend that a customer investigate incorporating a fan coil system for their home heating/cooling project instead of hydronic forced air or in floor radiant.

Heating with Hydronic Fan Coils

Homeowner currently has hydronic radiators or baseboard heaters installed for home heating

We often receive inquiries from customers who are currently heating their home with hydronic radiators and baseboard heaters. Typically, they are using an oil boiler to heat, but sometimes are using natural gas, propane or electricity. It is common that these radiators require high supply temperatures (160-180F) in order to adequately heat room. This results in a lot of inefficiency and high heating costs which leads customer to investigate heat pumps. We do not recommend having set temperature of our Arctic system above 120F, so using a heat pump to supply the current radiators is very rarely recommended. Fan coils are designed to produce high BTU’s at lower supply temps, so we would recommend keeping the homes existing piping network in place and replacing current radiators with more efficient fan coils.

New build small home

If you are building a new house, and this house is relatively small (less than 1500 Sq. Ft.), installing a fan coil heating/cooling distribution system is a very affordable way to distribute heating and cooling to home. It also allows for very easy zoning.

Open concept home

If the design of your home is very open, and does not have a heating system currently installed, fan coils can be a great way to affordably distribute heating and cooling to home.

Adding zoning ability to existing heating/cooling system

If a homeowner already has an existing forced air or in floor heating/cooling system in place, but has found one or a couple particular areas in house to not be properly heated/cooled by existing system, installing one or multiple fan coils in those key areas can be a great way to affordably incorporate zoned climate control to that area.

Homeowner currently has in floor heating system but wants to install an air to water heat pump system and incorporate cooling into the design without using the in-floor system to distribute

In floor cooling is becoming more and more popular, but some customers are either not comfortable with it, or require the air colder than the in-floor cooling system would be able to produce. In cases like this, a very affordable way to add cooling ability with our heat pump systems is to install fan coils for cooling in the areas that require.

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