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About our Manufacturer’s Representative Network

Arctic Heat Pumps is an international group of hydronic professionals that specialize in the design and supply of leading edge modern hydronic systems. These systems are based around our industry leading Arctic EVI series heat pumps.

In some North American states and provinces that have high demand for our products, the sale and project organization of your purchase will be handled by a local Arctic manufacturers’ representative. These representatives offer homeowners and installers a centralized source for the design, purchase, and installation of their Arctic equipment. Each Arctic representative holds key hydronic design and installation-based insight for their local area, and that information will be passed down to you through your design and purchasing experience with us.

For those customers who are working on a hydronic project that is not shown to have an Arctic representative currently, please contact Arctic heat pumps directly and our in-house sales and technical staff will gladly assist you.

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If you are interested in working with Arctic heat pumps as a manufacturer’s representative, or you would like to be included on our industry contact list as an associated installer/builder/designer or engineer, please click on the appropriate button below.
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835 Kapelus Dr. West St Paul, MB R4A 5A4, Canada

835 Kapelus Dr. West St Paul, MB R4A 5A4, Canada