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What is an Inverter Pool Heat Pump and How Does it Work?

Unlike traditional pool heat pumps that turn on and off using AC power, an Arctic Inverter Heat Pump turns on and off using DC power. The difference in the two power sources is that AC power goes from 0-60 Hz instantly when it turns on. In other words, 0 to Max instantly. In order to start the motor and get it turning, this start-up requires a lot of extra energy. A starting capacitor is used to store extra energy to deliver this extra power to the motor at start up. Most of us are familiar with this kind of motor when we see the lights temporarily dim when an older AC is turning on. This hard start and stop consumes a lot more energy and puts a lot of extra stress on the more jolting it with extra energy to turn on.

An Inverter motor is quite different. It uses DC power, and unlike AC power we can modulate the amount of energy from 0-60 + Hz. What does this mean? It means when we start the compressor, we gently turn up the speed as we start until we reach the operational speed. This results in ultra-quiet start up with no extra torque on the compressor motor. No starting capacitor is used, and we reach peak efficiency with no wasted energy.


Energy Efficient Save Up to 50% versus other Heat Pumps
Longer Life Expectancy
Energy Efficient Save Up to 50% versus other Heat Pumps
Longer Life Expectancy

Stable Temperature with andInverter PoolHeat Pump

An inverter heat pump also saves money by only heating to the target temperature. It can do so because of its variable frequency and simply lower it operating speed to match the load of the swimming pool. Traditional heat pumps turn on 1-2 degrees below set point and turn off 1-2 degrees above the set point. This means for ½ the time we are operating hotter than needed and the other ½ colder than needed. An Arctic Heat Pump can be dialed to maintain the exact pool temperature by turning is frequency up or down to match the load.

FullInverter Technology

Arctic Pool Heat Pumps use Full Inverter Technology, this means that not only is the compressor a full DC inverter compressor, so are the fan motors. The on-board optimizer matches the fan speeds with the compressor speed to provide the greatest possible performance/cost ratio.

DC Inverter Compressor
DC Inverter Fan Motors

Based on Full Invert Control System, an Arctic Inverter Pool Heat Pump is able to save up to 50% compared to that of traditional pool heat pump, making the Arctic Heat Pump the #1 choice for pool and hot tub owners!

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