Hydronic Heating Load Design Services

Heat Loads Calc.
Radiant Floor Design

Our Hydronic Heating Load Design Service is FREE to all our customer that purchase any of our Arctic Heat Pump Systems. While we have a small upfront design charge, this will be credited back to your project should you proceed to work with us.

Heating Load Design Service

All building projects should start with a heating and cooling design load. This will determine the size of equipment your house will need based on many factors including its geographic location, the building design and size and the construction materials used. Without a Heating/Cooling design load it is very difficult to accurately size any heating system including gas, electric or heat pump. We use the industry standard Manual J Calculation software to determine the heating and cooling load. With this you will then be able to size any heating cooling equipment from any manufacture.

Radiant Floor Heating Design Service

Our radiant floor design uses industry leading Loop CAD software to professionally design and size the materials required to comfortably heat/cool your house. With this design we work to size the system to give you the greatest energy savings while ensuring full comfort in all the rooms. Pump sizing, loop lengths, and manifold zoning are all part of this design service. With this report you can ensure your radiant floor heating system will be professionally designed!

NOTE: This service requires a Heating Load Design Service to accurately design the radiant floor system.