Design Services

Our Hydronic Heating Load Design Service is included with the purchase of any of our Arctic Heat Pump Systems. While we have a small upfront design charge, this will be credited back to your project should you proceed to work with us.

Hydronic Design Services

Heat & Cooling Load Calculation Service

Often referred to as a Manual J, a proper design of any HVAC project requires knowing the heating load or cooling load. The heating load is the number of BTUs required in the coldest day of the year in your region to keep the house at its design set point temperature.

Our calculation service ensures that the equipment for your project is sized correctly – and is based on many factors. An improperly sized system could mean a house that can’t keep warm in a cold winter, or an oversized system that leads to higher upfront and operating costs than required.

Getting this right is important!

Manual J Design Service

Manual J
Design Service

We provide this service FREE of charge to all customers that purchase a packaged heat pump system from us. (note there is a small upfront fee, but this is credited back to you on your purchase invoice).

To determine the size of equipment your project needs. We use the industry standard Manual J Calculation software to determine the heating and cooling load – which is where all building projects should start!

Factors this design considers:

  • Geographic location
  • Building design and size
  • Construction materials used

Without a Heating/Cooling design load it is very difficult to accurately size any heating system including gas, electric or heat pump. With this, you will then be able to size any heating cooling equipment from any manufacture.


The process involves you uploading your building plans and reviewing them with our certified Heat Load Designer, who then provides you with a design analysis.

$0.10 per Square Foot

Radiant Floor
Design Service

Using state of the art CAD design software we can design & optimize the loop layout design and material needs, so that you will be ensured there are not cold spots, and your radiant floor system will operate as efficiently as possible to cover the heating & cooling demands, and ensuring optimal energy savings and comfort with our radiant floor design.

Included in the design service is also pump sizing, loop lengths, and manifold zoning – and with this report, you can ensure your radiant floor heating system will be professionally designed!

$0.18 per Square Foot

NOTE: This service requires a Heating Load Design Service to accurately design the radiant floor system.

Radiant Floor Design to suit your build


With our Radiant Floor Design Service we will work with you directly to create multiple zones so that you can easily adjust the temperature in one area with effecting another area.

Full Equipment Design

Our software will calculate the minimum required pump speeds required for each loop to optimize the supply and return water temperatures for comfort. We will give you the recommended pump sizes and can supply you with a complete radiant floor package system from the pumps, manifolds, actuators and zone controllers including WiFi Zone touch screen thermostats.

or cooling

Should you also wish to also cool your floors we can incorporate full radiant floor cooling to the system design.

How your radiant floor design project works

Our Loop CAD radiant floor design starts by first understanding the heating design load of the house/building. This is needed so that the radiant floor loops will be able to meet the heating loss that occurs during the coldest days.

In order to do this, we will require you to upload your building plans. Our design engineers will then contact you to review the plans and then first work on calculating a heating/cooling load using a Manual J calculation methodology.

Once this is complete, this information is fed into the Loop design software to help our designers with the layout the PEX loops, ensuring they match the calculated heating load.

We will work with you to discuss any zoning requirement you may have in the design process. In the end you will have a complete material list of required parts as well as a map of the PEX piping layout.

$.18 per Square Foot

Includes Both Heat Load Calc + Loop Design