Standalone Heat Pump Water Heater

Perhaps the most popular heat pump water heaters, these fully contained units replace any electric or gas water heater.

Standalone heat pump water heaters can be placed in a utility room or in an outdoor covered area such as the garage. Like any heat pump, these units take the energy from the surrounding air and “pump” it into the domestic hot water tank.

Selecting your standalone heat pump water heater - location matters!

Because the unit removes the heat from the air, the location of the heat pump is important relative to the geographic location of the home. Remember – the arctic heat pump is cost effective because the air it removes is FREE.

AC & DC Power

Northern Climate

Unless you have a main Arctic Heat Pump to generate inexpensive heating energy in the winter, these are not the best solutions for homes using gas or electric heat with our main heat pump.

The reason is that the energy that the standalone heat pump water heater uses was created by a secondary heater and as such is far from free. The process of pumping the heat into the standalone water heater further cost more energy making these more inefficient. However in the summer where there is a high cooling load the by product is cold air and this offsets the extra cost in the winter.

Southern Climate

The standalone is ideal in a climate with a predominate cooling load as they assist cooling the house by pumping and removing the heat in the air moving it into the tank. If you live in an area with a moderate heating load a garage is usually a safe location as the air in the garage is always free (assuming you’re not heating your garage).


Arctic Heat Pump have partnered with Stiebel Eltron, Germany’s Leading Standalone Heat Pump Manufacturer. Unlike other Hybrid Heat Pump found in North America, Stiebel Heat pumps are designed to provide 90% of the hot water through the heat pump not through a back up heater element.

Stable Temperature with and Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Accelera® E Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • Heat Pump Water Heaters, not “hybrids”
  • Designed to provide comfort plus lowest possible energy costs
  • Reduces hot water costs by up to 80%
  • Engineered in Germany, Stiebel Eltron heat pump water heaters have been the largest seller in Europe for over 30 years
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • 10 years against defects in workmanship & materials. See warranty for details.
  • Certified to UL Std. 499, UL 1995, UL 94-5 VA, UL 174. Conforms to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 No. 110.
  • Tested and Certified by Water Quality Association against NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 for lead free compliance.
Tested and Certified by Water Quality Association

Accelera standalone heat pump water heaters are meticulously crafted to prioritize heat pump operation, as it represents the most efficient method.

For instance, the '50-gallon' heat pump water heater boasts an actual capacity of 58 gallons, while the 80-gallon model maintains its true 80-gallon capacity. Stiebel firmly believe that a larger capacity is the ideal choice for a heat pump water heater, ensuring that the majority of the water is heated using the highly efficient heat pump technology.

To further enhance efficiency, Stiebel employ robust insulation for the tanks, drastically reducing standby losses and minimizing energy wastage. They understand that cutting corners on insulation would compromise energy savings, which is why they take insulation seriously.

In instances of high demand, these standalone water heat pumps incorporate a single resistance element for back-up water heating. The strategic placement of the single booster element at the tank's very top ensures that hot water is drawn efficiently when needed.

Heat Pump Water Heater Features


The Accelera® 220 E and 300 E have a simple-to-operate end user menu that is accessed through the electronic display. The display also shows performance information, including total volume of hot water available. Accelera® is “smart meter” ready and options are accessed through the display.

Easy Access
For Service

The entire top of an Accelera® 220 E and 300 E can be quickly removed for easy servicing from all sides.

Air Flow

Air intake and exhaust are angled to allow opportunity for installation in compact spaces. In addition we decreased noise by separating the airflow from the refrigerant loop and increasing fan diameter.

Impressed Current Anode Corrosion Protection

The Accelera® 220 E and 300 E are equipped with an electronic anode for maintenance-free protection instead of an anode rod. This system also provides protection with the minimum current necessary as opposed to a steady-on system.

How it Works

how it works

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