Top 10 Award

Dan Jung – (CEO Arctic Heat Pumps) is awards Top 10 Innovative leaders in renewable energy for 2023. This comes after years of hard work to break the status que in a mature HVAC industry.  Cold Climate Heat Pumps have only recently taken center stage as a viable alternative to traditional heating systems. “The HVAC industry has many challenges… Change comes slowly, but surely!” quotes Dan Jung.

With an expanding growth of Arctic Distributors and Wholesalers across North America, Artic Heat Pumps has become a mainstream brand for Hydronic Air-to-Water Heat Pumps. The growth is rapid as homeowners are now embracing the technology and more and more contractors see the long-term sustainability of cold climate heat pumps.

Low temperature pool heat pumps as well as hybrid pool heat pumps that heat and cool are also center stage in the pool industry with Arctic Heat Pumps leading the way in this market as well.  Global warming has resulted in the need for pool chillers to actually reduce pool temperatures in the summer months for added comfort in many parts of the USA and Caribbean. 

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