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The Hydronic industry like many other industries has seen a massive shift in focus towards energy efficiency in recent times. Energy Saving Products, who manufactures the Hi-Velocity system, is at the forefront of this shift. Their flagship Hi-Velocity forced air system brings advancements to the hydronic forced air market that are sure to trickle down to the entire industry in the future. Arctic Heat Pumps has partnered with E.S.P in an effort to provide our customers with the ultimate complete home heating and cooling package. Our EVI heat pumps, known industry wide for their cold weather productivity, efficiency and reliability, paired with these modern forced air systems creates a home heating system that is top of class in efficiency, customizability, comfortability, and reliability.

Why Choose Forced Air for home heating/cooling vs. in floor radiant with our Arctic Heat Pumps?

Radiant floor heating

It is very much true that in floor radiant heating is the most efficient form of home heating available. It is also considered the most comfortable form of heating available. However, most North Americans require summer cooling and winter heating in their homes. In floor cooling has limitations. If our customers have large cooling loads, or if our customers are located in a very humid area, we would recommend Hi-Velocity forced air system over in-floor for a new build.  However, if the cooling load is low than radiant floor cooling is definitely an option worth looking at the cooling investment will certainly be less given you already have the radiant floor distribution system.

Why Choose Hi-Velocity forced air system over conventional forced air system?

There are a multitude of reasons why we would recommend pairing our heat pump with the Hi-Velocity forced air system vs. a conventional hydronic air handler and ducting system. Let us try and breakdown some of the benefits that Hi-Velocity has over forced air:


Low design temperatures

The Hi Velocity is the only air handler on the market that was designed with modern low temp hydronic design temperature in mind.  It has a massive 6-layer heat exchanger that allow it to produce good heat output with water design temperatures as low as 115 F (EWT).  While there are many air handlers on the market, all of them come from traditional boiler design and use 140 or greater design water temperatures.  This low design temperature is ideal for all air to water heat pumps!


Effective Heating and Cooling

Conventional forced air systems work on the principle of air velocity. The Hi-Velocity systems operates on the principle of pressure. The result of this difference is the much superior ability of the Hi-Velocity system to prevent temperature stratification in your home that is typical with conventional forced air systems.  Going from high pressure to the low pressure ensures that rooms in your house are evenly heated. No more having the heat in your home rise to the ceiling where it is no use to you, leaving the floor at a colder temperature.


Moisture Reduction

Can remove up to 30% of the moisture in air when in operation.



Efficiency is the major design focus of the Hi-Velocity system. These air handlers use Energy Smart Motors and Inverter Drive Technology. These efficient motors can save you up to 50% on your electricity bill vs. operating a conventional air handler.


Ease of installation

Hi-Velocity equipment is a terrifically easy system to install, with retrofitting into existing forced air heated homes being the original main purpose of the system.  The fan coils supplied are modular and easy to install in a variety of locations such as mechanical rooms, closets, attics, and crawlspaces. 2” flexible branch ducting makes retrofitting into existing walls a great factor easier than conventional square ducting.



Filtration, HRV, humidification and de-humidification are easily integrated into the Hi-Velocity system.

Revolutionary ducting system

Revolutionary ducting system

With branch ducting that is flexible and only 2” in diameter, installation and retrofitting Hi-Velocity ducting is a breeze! This flex ducting is insulated, preventing heat loss. It also has a sound absorbing inner core that helps the system deliver extremely quite heating and cooling to your home.   These are so quiet you will have a hard time knowing when they are on!



Because the Hi-Velocity system only uses 2” branch ducting, the vents supplied with this system are a lot smaller than conventional forced air vents. This gives some these vents the ability to be installed in some unique and practical locations previously impossible with conventional square ducting. With a variety of vent styles to choose from, you can ensure that the vents for your home will match the decor.

Vent styles

Zoning ability

Every Hi-Velocity air handler has the ability to be upgraded with zoning valves as standard. This is a class leading ability. Each air handler can supply up to 4 individual zones operating off 4 separate thermostats. This is a very valuable feature for customers who appreciate the ability to have particular rooms or zones individually climate controlled for a variety of reasons.


Industry leading design and support

E.S.P provides quotes at no charge for their equipment based on your home’s design plan and window, door, insulation, ect. R values. If you are satisfied with the quote and move forward with purchase, their technicians will work directly with you in the design of your custom Hi-Velocity system to ensure the layout and functionality of your forced air system is exactly what you require.

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