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1" IVAR Stainless Steel Hydronic Manifold for Radiant Floor Heating - 11 ports

USD$ 989
SKU: N-370
1 In Stock


11 Port Manifold with 1/2" PEX Connection Fittings

MADE IN ITALY! IVAR is a world leader in quality hydronic system components. The stainless″ NPT manifold connection header, is ideal for precision calibration of radiant floor heating systems. It comes complete in the box eliminating the confusion with necessary add-on parts. It is also assembled and mounted on brackets and therefore can go from the box to the wall making its installation simple and fast. Each manifold is equipped with supply and return isolator valves complete with two thermometers for supply and return temperature monitoring. The supply header is equipped with flow gauges simplifying the system calibration. The return header is controlled by manual shutoff valves or can be coupled to electro thermal actuators for the automatic control of the environment temperature. It is also equipped with two automatic air flow vents for air purging. The fill and purging ports are equipped with ball valves simplifying these two operations. This is the most complete radiant manifold package available. Comes standard with 1/2" PEX compression fittings (5/8" and 3/4" also available - Contact us)

The forged body of the manifold is manufactured of UNI EN 12165 brass and will withstand 145 PSI and 100°C. All o-rings are EPDM. Ideal for both Hydronic Heating and Hydronic Cooling such as radiant floor cooling.


  • Max operating temperature: 90° C
  • Max operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Flow Meter Adjustment range: 0÷1.3
  • GPM Precision: ±10 %


  • Manifold body: stainless steel AISI
  • 304 Brass parts: CW617N
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Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services

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