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Configuration & Pricing

Start here! Choose your heat pump needs – a heat pump engine, hydronic distribution, or a spa/pool heat pump.

Use this tool to design and price out a complete hydronic system. Visualize in 3-D as you build your system!

EVI Heat Pump Sizing Tool

Complete our Heat Pump sizing form, so we can provide you with an estimate for the model size that will best for your project, based on its location.

Pool Heat Pump Sizing Tool

Need Help Sizing Your Pool Heater? Let our certified pool technicians help you! Enter your pool project particulars and we will send you a FREE custom-detailed report based on your specifics to help you size a heater. Included will be the expected performance, energy savings, and expected water temperatures.

Stable Temperature with and Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Heat Load & Radiant Floor
Design Services

Included with the purchase of your Arctic Heat Pump system, Northern Lights uses industry-leading software to determine the best possible design and needs of your hydronic project.


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Expert Advice

If you require the assistance from one of our experts to navigate the tools above, contact us! No one knows air to water heat pumps like we do!

We design custom hydronic systems that fit a wide range of consumer needs – all based on performance, efficiency, simplicity, and reliability.


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We offer an international group of Arctic Heat hydronic professionals, that specialize in the design and supply of leading edge modern hydronic systems. These systems are based around our industry leading Arctic EVI series heat pumps.



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