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Eco BuffMAX 119 Gallon Buffer Tank

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Eco BuffMAX

Eco BuffMAX 119 Gallon Buffer Tank

The BUFFMAX optimizes runtimes by “buffering or storing” the energy required for the hydronic  air source heat pump system in larger quantity so that the system can draw off this energy without the need for the heater to turn on.  The added mass allow the heat pump to run for longer periods of time eliminating “short cycling” The BUFFMAX is an ideal Hydronic Separator with a top air vent and 4 side ports it allow the system to run off two different pump speeds. The primary supply pump for the hydronic heater usually requires a much higher flow rate than the demand hydronic heating loops. Using a buffer tank eliminates the need for a primary and secondary heating loops or dominator loops.

Standard Equipment

  • Boiler pressure relief valve
  • Drain valve
  • Heating water supply
  • Heating water return
  • Temperature and pressure indicator
  • Automatic air vent
  • 2” Insulation
  • Immersion well for temperature sensors
Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services

Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services

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