Hydronic Fan Coils- Heat & Cool

Hydronic Fan Coils-
Heat & Cool

Whisper-quiet and ultra-thin DC fan coils are the most effective way to utilize a heat pump’s energy savings. These fan coil heaters can cover 3 times the space of a traditional radiator, and are available in 5 sizes to equip your space best.

How Hydronic Fan Coils Work

How Hydronic
Fan Coils Work


The ultra-thin fan coil is connected to inlet hot water pipes. The unit’s aluminum fin heat exchanger transfers the heat from the hot water to the air. A fan blower inside the fan coil distributes the heat air twice as far in the same time as compared to standard radiators.

Energy Efficient –
Save 30% over other radiators system

The capacity of 1 PHNIX Water Fan Coil is equal to that of 3 common radiators.

Energy Efficient –  Save 30% over other radiators system

The benefit of hydronic fan coils

Heat and Cool

Heat and Cool

Pump will change to summer mode and provide cold water circulation through the fan coil.

Quiet & Efficient

Quiet & Efficient

The brushless DC fan motors are the most quietest fans on the market and DC fans are exceptionally energy efficient drawing as little as 12 Watts to operate, and as low as 24 dB(A) - the decibel equivalent of a whisper, or quiet rustling of leaves.

Precise Individual Room Control

Precise Individual Room Control

Increase comfort and reduce unnecessary heating costs with individual room control. With hydronic fan coils, you can ensure that unused room have a lower temperature than those that are occupied – and that each corner of the room is just right.

Control the fan coil using the panel on the unit or by a convenient remote.

Hydronic fan coil selection and installation

Ultra-thin design - only 5 inches thick!

Ultra-thin design -
only 5 inches thick!

At only 130 mm thick (5 inches) – hydronic fan coils easily and effortlessly fit in to your space

Flexible Mounting Styles

Mounting Styles

Mount your hydronic fan coil to the floor (floor feet included), ceiling, or wall.

Choose from 5 sizes

Choose from 5 sizes

Your space, your needs – choose from a width of 700 mm all the way up to 1500 mm, with options in between.

FREE Hydronic
Design Services

Our Hydronic Heating Load Design Service is FREE to all our customer that purchase any of our Arctic Heat Pump Systems. While we have a small upfront design charge, this will be credited back to your project should you proceed to work with us.

FREE Hydronic Design Services

Hydronic fan coil technical specifications

Multi-channel communications

PHNIX multi-functional PCB can communicate with the wall thermostat, control the heat pump or boiler ON/OFF, and switch heating/cooling mode.

High quality components
High quality

Copper tube/aluminum fin coil with hydrophilic coating heat exchanger ensures the units’ higher efficiency and a longer service life.

Superior quality cross-flow fan produces larger air volume with lower noise (as low as 24 dB(A).

Neutralizes room odors
room odors

Carbon filter neutralizes any room odors. Quickly removable for easy for cleaning.







Heating Capacity* (Btu/h) 3,600 6,900 9,200 11,800 14,300
Heating Capacity** (Btu/h) 4,600 8,500 11,400 14,600 17,800
Heating Capacity*** (Btu/h) 6,680 10,500 15,300 19,720 25,500
Cooling Capacity* (Btu/h) 3,400 6,500 8,500 12,000 14,800
Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz) 110 - 120 V / 1 Ph / 60Hz
Air Volume (CFM) 94 188 270 341 383
Max. Noise (dBA) 30 32 37 39 41
Net Dimensions (H x W x D) (in) 26 x 28 x 5 26 x 35 x 5 26 x 43 x 5 26 x 51 x 5 26 x 59 x 5
Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D) (inches) 29 x 29 x 29 x 37 x 7 29 x 45 x 7 29 x 53 x 7 29 x 61 x 7

Heating: Ambient temp. (DB) 70°F, Water temp. (In/Out): 113°F/ -
*Heating: Ambient temp. (DB) 70°F, Water temp. (In/Out): 122°F/ - 
***Heating: Ambient temp. (DB) 70°F, Water temp. (In/Out): 140°F/ -
*Cooling: Ambient temp. (DB) 80°F/67°F, Water temp. (In/Out): 45°F/55°F

In keeping with our policy of continuous product improvement, Arcticheatpumps reserves the right to make specification and design changes without notice.

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