High Temperature Hot Water Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps have limitations based on the properties of the particular refrigeration that they use, but Arctic Heat Pumps have solved this problem by providing a 2 stage high temperature heat pump that’s ideal for domestic hot water.

How our high temperature
heat pumps work

Step 1:

Used our standard EVI Heat Pump to Extract the energy from cold air.

Step 2:

Instead of transferring the energy to the Hydronic Loop, the Energy is transferred through a Heat Exchanger to second refrigeration loop.

Step 3:

Uses R-134a to raise the refrigerant temperature as high as 90 C (195 F)

Standard EVI Heat pumps

The issue with other heat pumps

The most common heat pumps in North America are R-410A or R-32. Both have very similar properties in that they can evaporate to temperatures as low as -40 degrees. This makes them great for extracting heat in cold weather.

However, when it comes to compression, they are only able to reach temperature of 130-135 F. This can be good for hydronic heat such as radiant floor heating but is at the minimal requirement for domestic hot water.

Other Freons such as R-134A are great for higher temperatures but don’t work well in cold weather.

High Temperature Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water

High Temperature Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water

Thermino Thermal Battery

Thermal Battery


• Up to 80 C on demand Hot Water

• Equivalent to 300 L or 80 Gallons

• ¼ the Space of standard Buffer Tank

• Minimal need for Large Glycol Buffer

• 14 Kw of Energy Storage

Thermal Battery

Space Saving
Thermal Battery

SunAmp Thermal Batteries are up to four times smaller than the equivalent hot water tank because they are filled with an energy-dense phase change material, Plentigrade P58. This means that High temperature water heater can be installed where they otherwise wouldn’t fit.

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