High Temperature Heat Pump Specifications

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Arctic DC Inverter Two Stage High Temperature Heat Pump

Model MAHRW 030ZA/(BEH2)
Power Supply V/PH/Hz 220/1/60
Average Heating Capacity kW 2.9~14.0
COP Range W/W 1.5~16.0
Ambient 7℃
Water outlet 75℃
Heating Capacity kW 12.4
Power Input kW 5.1
Current Input A 23.2

Ambient -12℃
Water outlet 75℃

Heating Capacity kW 9.2
Power Input kW 4.7
Current Input A 21.1
Maximum power input kW 6.5
Maximum current input A 29.4
Maximum water outlet temperature 85
°F 185
Rated water flow volume m³/h 2.12
GPM 9.33
Rated water pressure drop kPa 40
Water connections (external threaded) inch 1"
Refrigerant   R410A+R134A
Sound level dB(A) 53
Waterproof level   IPX4
Electric shock protecting grade   I
Unit dimensions (L/W/H) mm 824/580/1360
Inch 32.4/22.8/53.5
Certification   ul-csa-certified

Testing conditions:

  1. Heating: outdoor temperature DB/WB: 7/6℃, outlet water temperature: 75℃.
  2. Heating: outdoor temperature DB/WB: -12/-14℃, outlet water temperature: 75℃.
  3. The power/current input does not include water pump power/current input.
  4. In case of any changes caused by product improvements, the nameplate shall prevail.

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