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Hydronic Energy Metering

The SensorLinx™ Sensor System is designed to measure and record the thermal energy used in a residential or commercial heating or cooling system including HVAC, Solar thermal heating and Geothermal and Hydronic Heat Pumps.

The sensors can be used individually to track many system parameter configurations in real time using the HBX ThermoLinx™ App.

When the Sensorlinx™ sensors are used in conjunction within your liquid system, the system allows for accurate Heat measurement.

Sensor Linx

Real-time data through Wi-Fi

All data is transmitted wirelessly through Wi-Fi! Real time charts and history can give you a complete overview of your systems performance.

Used in conjunction with the ThermoLinx™ Mobile App, users have access to real-time data collection for system flow, pressure and temperatures with the ability to view graph calculated BTU’s based on hour, day, week, and month.

Instant alerts & alarms

The Thermolinx app also allows to receive alarm notifications on your supply and return temperatures.


  • Residential and commercial tenant billing

  • Measure system pressure, flow, and temperature for your supply and returns

  • BTU graphs calculated based on hour, day, week, and month

  • Measures flow up to 105 GPM

  • Wireless communication between sensors

thermolinx metering

How it works:

The two units communicate wireless to each other broadcasting the internal temperatures. The WFS is located on the return piping and calculates the flow rate of the fluid. With this information, the system can accurately calculate the instantaneous power from the Delta across both temperature sensors and the flow.

Internal Wi-Fi sends this information to the ThermoLinx server for real time display on any smart phone or tablet.

thermolinx working

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