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Radiant Floor Cooling Controller

Radiant Floor Cooling Controller

Radiant floor cooling is pushing the barriers thanks to dedicated hydronic floor cooling control systems.  By absorbing the latent heat energy, we can keep a home or business just as comfortable in the summer as the winter.   Condensation worries are a thing of the past!   With our RESOL Control system we can calculate the required cooling temperature based on the outdoor temperature and maintain a safe system cooling temperature via a mixing valve.  Humidity feed back from the room temperature and moisture level is fed into the controller to calculate the optimal floor temperature with out every having to worry about pipes or floors sweating from condensation.

Equipment Requirements

FRH Digital
Humidity Sensor

FRH Digital Humidity Sensor

MX Controller

RESOLMX Controller

Belimo 3 way
Mixing Valve 120V

Belimo 3 wayMixing Valve 120V
Room temp and Rh - dew point

How It Works

Single Tank Radiant Cooling

Single Tank Radiant Cooling

Dual Tank Radiant Cooling

Dual Tank Radiant Cooling

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