Solar Feed Pump Station - ST-Pump-Feeder-MF 200 - S

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Solar Feed Pump Station - ST-Pump-Feeder-MF 200 - S


The ‘SOLAR PAL’ is designed for application with Solar systems collectors typicaly mounted high on the structure that may require higher static fill pressures than conventional residential and light commercial projects. The system feeder can provide fill pressure as high as 35 psig. It is compatible with water and most commonly used anti-freeze solutions.

NOTE – the system pressure relief valve must be rated to handle the higher pressure. Do not use the MF200-S in any application with a 30psig relief valve.

solar feed pump station MF 200 s


  • 22.7 liter (6.0 US gallon) tank for storage and mixing
  • Power supply plugs into any standard 115 VAC outlet
  • Diaphragm pump can run dry without damage
  • No direct connection to potable water supply eliminates need for backflow prevention
  • Make-up fluid stored in the feeder tank can be pre-treated
  • Diverter valve allows easy purging of air on initial start-up, and manual agitation of solution
  • Prevents major floods - in the event of system rupture, only the contents of the tank will be pumped into the system
  • Provides leak detection - dropping fluid level provides immediate notice that the system has developed a leak
  • Fluid drained for service can easily be put back into the system
  • Fluid level switch shuts the pump off if the storage tank level gets too low
  • Auxiliary dry contact included for remote low pressure alarm (alarm optional or by others)


  • Fused Power supply adapter 115/60/1 to 24 VDC Rated 50 watts AC LED Power Light


  • 0.04 l/s (0.7 gpm) @ free flow Self-priming up to 1.2 m (4 feet)
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