Solar Piping Aurora Flex 1" Solar Insulated Pipe DIN25

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Aurora Flex Solar 1" Stainless Steel Piping -DIN25 with 3/4" EPM insulation

  • Model: N-269
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • StockManufactured by: Aurora Flex

Stainless Steel SUS 304 (1" OD & 3/4" ID) solar piping with high temp 3/4" EPDM insulation and weather proof coating. Includes silicon wire for temperature probe. Guarantees a professional installation in 1/4 the time it would take to do a copper installation. No leaks and no soldering! 50 feet per roll. Each carton contains 2 x 50 ft coils for a total of 100 feet.


No Soldering- Leak FREE

pipes fits cropped

3/4' 304 Stainless Steel pipes

pipes fits cropped


Step One


Cut the hose to your desired length with cutter

Step Two


Put a fitting onto the solar hose, put one end into flange tool NOTE: Flange tool sold seperately

Step Three


Use a hammer to flatten the end of the hose

Step Four


squeeze on the Solar hose stainless steel Circlip on

Step Five


Insert high Temperature gasket

Step Six


Tighten with a crescent wrench until gasket is tightly sealed

High Pressure/ High Temperature Fittings

2Metal HoseSUS304 / SUS316L
3Gasket350 C High-temperature resistance seal
4Cir-ClipStainless Steel SUS304

Technical specifications

Insulation pipe
MaterialHigh quality synthetic elastomer (EPDM based) with a complete closed-cell structure.
Temperature rangeFrom -50° C to +150° C (up to 175 C operating intermittent.)
Flammability :actual burning behaviorDIN 4102-B2 self-extinguishing, no fireball drops, limited fire spreading
Water Vapor permeabilityu>3000
Thermal Conductivity W/(m.K)R 4.8 (.035 W/mk)
Jacketing pipe
MaterialUV resistant and high mechanical resistant protective film
UV ResistanceExcellent UV and weather resistant properties
temprature sensor wire
Temperature Rangefrom -50° C to +200° C
Flexible Copper0.75mm2
Wire InsulationSilicon
Rated Voltage300/500 V
Electric Resistance23.0 Ohm/km
Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services

Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services

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