Split Heat Pump Water Heater with Chiller Option


The Split System is a great domestic hot water solution for those located in climates that seldom receive weather below freezing. The Split Heat Pump Water Heater can operate to temperatures as low as -7 C (20F). Because the main compressor Monoblock heat pump is located outside, all the energy it uses comes from the outdoor air and there is no issue of “stealing” heat energy from the air inside the house that has already been heated.


Chilling or Heating – The Split can be used as a main hot water heater, but it can also be paired with a second smaller 22 gallon chiller tank to create a chilled water showers or for ice baths. If you just want to use the system for chilled water or hot water exclusively then you only need a single tank. The Arctic Hybrid Tank is ideal as its special insulation allows it to be used as either a hot tank or a cold tank.


DC Inverter Technology
Key Features
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How it works

How it works


Heat Pump Spec

    Buff 55
Model ARCTIC 010ZA/P
Rated Output Water

L/h (GPM)

75 (20)
Heating Capacity kW 3.0
BTU/h 10236
COP W/W 4.05
Input Power kW 0.74
Input Current A 3.4
Cooling Capacity kW 2.5
BTU/h 8530
Input Power kW 0.88
Input Current A 3.99
Rated Outlet Water Temp  ℃ 55
Power Supply  V/PH/Hz  208~230v/60hz
Noise  dB(A) 48
Compressor   DC Rotary 
Compressor Qty   1
Fan Qty  
Fan Direction   horizontal
Refrigerant Type   R410A
Water Flow Volume m3/h  1.5
Water Outlet/Water Inlet  inch 3/4"
Unit Net Dimensions for Reference (L/W/H) mm  930/350/550


  1. Heating: Outdoor air temp: 20℃/15℃, water tank water temperature from15℃ heating to 55℃
  2. Cooling: Outdoor air temp: 35℃/24℃, Outlet water temp: 12℃, Input water temp: 7℃
  3. Using in ambient temperature: -5℃~43℃

Tanks Specs

Hybrid tanks

  Chiller Buff 55 Buff 80
  Buff 22 Buff 55 Buff 80
Volume (Gallons) 22 55  80
Volume (Liters)


208  302
Height (Inches) 35" 73"  54"
Height (CM) 89 185  137
Diameter (Inches) 21" 21"  29"
Diameter (CM) 53 53  74
Weight (LBS) 42 70  120
Weight (KG) 19 32  54
Connection 1 1/4" 1 1/4"  2"

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