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Wireless Outdoor Sensor - HBX WAV-0110

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Wireless Outdoor Sensor - HBX WAV-0110

Introducing the new HBX Wireless Outdoor Sensor, the WAV-0110. This wireless outdoor sensor goes against all conventional wireless technology. While others communicate only with their own devices, HBX has developed a way to broaden horizons.

The WAV-0110 is able to connect to any control that uses a thermistor input and connect to boilers, reset controls, thermostats and many other devices without exterior wiring. This makes the WAV-0110 perfect for retrofits as well as new installations.

Wireless Outdoor Sensor - HBX WAV-0110

The WAV-0110 can communicate up to 2000' open air between the base and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can also utilize the use of an external sensor if required.

HBX WAV-0110 2 part sensor

The WAV-0110 is a 2 part sensor

  1. The wireless base unit connects directly to the outdoor thermistor input of your device.
  2. The wireless outdoor unit is placed outside. Up to five (5) base units can communicate to one (1) outdoor sensor.
HBX WAV-0110 Technical data

Features & Benefits

500/5k/10k/12k Thermistor options built in dipswitch selectable
2000 foot open air range (2.4 GHz Frequency)
Minimum 2 year battery life – 2 AA's (included)
Up to five (5) devices can communicate to one (1) outdoor sensor
External sensor can be utilized to the outdoor sensor
Temp range: -20F – +225F
Proprietary pairing and communication protocol
No Electrician needed to wire up- saves time and money
Simple to install and easy to pair
Battery life indicator
See where to place the sensor based on signal strength indicator: range 1-6
Made in Canada
HBX WAV-0110 Dimensions

Visit hbxcontrols.com to view the manual and other documentation.

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