PAW Modular Pump Stations

These modular pump stations simply attach to a special hydronic manifold separator. Each zone with a different flow requirement and temperature requirement is controlled via the MX controller. Pump stations can include a built in automatic mixing valve and include either a fixed speed pump or an ECM pump for fix pressure application.

Pre-Fab Pump Panels

These professionally manufactured pump panels make for the ultimate in simplicity installing a hydronic system. The pump panels can be configured from 1-12 pump zones and include every component needed to properly operate your system. Pressure tested and 100% guaranteed leak free!

RESol Hydronic Control System

German Made, the MX controller is perhaps the most advanced hydronic system controller on the market. With standard 13 relay output and one dry contract output the MX controller can be configured to control any combination of heating and cooling hydronic zones. With the optional DL2 you can have full access to your systems performance online from any PC or Smart Phone.