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Radiant Flooring Piping
VIPERT Radiant Tubing with Oxygen Barrier

VIPERT Radiant Tubing
with Oxygen Barrier

25 year WARRANTY

Radiant Heating’s low design water temperatures pairs best with the Arctic air-to- water heat pump. That is why we use the best for our radiant floor loop designs. ViPert is arguably the most DURABILE in floor piping available. Known for its excellent hydrostatic strength at high temperatures and very high burst pressures. COMPATIBLE FOR F-1960 COLD EXPANSION for radiant floor cooling.

VIPERT is certified for expansion, push and crimp fittings, 100% RECYCLABLE VIPERT and requires less energy to be produced than PEX

IVAR Stainless steel Manifolds made in Italy

IVAR Stainless steel Manifolds
made in Italy

Zoning is our Game! That is why all our package system designs use IVAR for distribution manifolds. These AISI 304 stainless steel manifolds are suitable for distributing and controlling water in hydronic heating systems at low and high temperatures. The thickness of the material combined with the pressure testing of each manifold is synonymous with quality and assurance of successful operation on site. The threads of the connections to the headers are 1” female according to ISO 228 standard. The threads of the joints are made with brass inserts (CW617N, ½”-3/4”). Headers are supplied in flow/return pairs, mounted on fastening brackets: return header features shut-off valves with disc valve, while flow headers features flow meter measurement and balancing devices.

HBX Controller Hydronic Controllers and Wi-Fi Thermostats

HBX Controller Hydronic Controllers and Wi-Fi Thermostats

Our Package System Designs utilize the latest in multiple zoning and energy efficiency with HBX System Controller. The HBX integrates with the Arctic Heat Pump and includes advanced features such as outdoor reset for both heating and cooling, programable back up, full W-Fi control, multiple heat pump staging, and even energy metering.

Grundfos UPSe Circulators

Grundfos UPSe Circulators

Arctic Heat Pumps lead the way in technology and innovation. Its no surprise that our complete heat pump package systems use Grundfos UPSe circulation pumps for all our hydronic supply & distribution systems. The UPSe is the latest in technology, backed by the legendary quality that Grundfos is know for, the e line up is a fully digital pump and is rated with the “best-in-class” energy efficiency by the Hydraulic Institute of Energy Rating. All pumps are fully Wi-Fi ready to connect to Grundfos’ new “GO” app for full system connectivity.

Thermo2000 Mini BTU

Thermo2000 Mini BTU

Piece of Mind! All our complete Air-to-Water Heat Pump Packages come with a full 100% design load back up system. This gives piece of mind when temperatures temporarily drop below -30C (-22F). Compact design. Ultra-silent. Easy to install on a wall. That’s what Thermo2000 Mini BTU are all about! But they are truly big on performance. These residential electric boilers waste no energy and do not produce any combustion or GHG emissions. Mini BTH electric boilers are a highly energy efficient and green alternative. Thermo 2000’s minis are covered by a 15-year warranty on the reservoir, and 2-year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.

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