PAW Hydronic Heating Pump Station K32-1"

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Plug and Play Hydronic heating and cooling solutions with PAW Modular Zone Pump Stations.

PAW Hydronic Pump Station K32
With German Engineered PAW modular pump stations you can design heating system quickly while delivering the highest performance and quality standards in the industry. The PAW Zone pump module quickly connect to a centralized distribution manifold allowing you to share the heat source to multiple zones. Now you can easily design a complete home hydronic system that can do radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, radiators and fan coils, as well as pools and hot tubs. All with one single boiler connection.
modern hydronic heating system
The K32 with 1” NPT connections is used for low temperature heating zones that require lower output temperatures such as hydronic floor heating. The built in electronic mixing valve is used for Heating Curves that optimize the system’s performance. Using precise temperature control, the electronic mixing valve receives signals to open and close depending on the heating curve, supply temperatures and outdoor temperatures. In this way your hydronic heating zones always stay constant with no fluctuations. The mixing valve diverters’ colder radiant return water with hotter supply water to give your system the exact temperature required.

Requires Electronic Mixing Valve


  • 1” NPT female connections
  • Electronic Mixing Valve can also be adjusted manually
  • Large ball valves handles
  • Fully insulated enclosure using EPP
  • Check Valve built into the return piping
  • Reversible supply and return on right or left side (field changeable)
  • All brass construction
  • Metal temperature gauges
  • Pump isolation for quick system repair
  • Includes Grundfos ALPHA 25-55 UU

Technical Specifications




1"- DN 25

Materials Fittings Bras
  Gaskets EPDM/NBR
  Insulation EPP
Technical Data Max. Pressure 116 psi/8 bar
  Max. Temprature 230 'F/110 'C
  CV value 4.4
Dimensions Zone module inlet 11/2" male
  Zone module outlet 1" NPT F
  Center distance 125 mm/421/32"
  Length 368 mm/14.5"
  Width insulation 250 mm/927/32"
  Height insulation 383 mm/15"
Recommended application High/floating temprature zone control up to 56.5 kBTU/h/16.5 kW at △T = 18 'F/10 K  
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Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services

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