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Using Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI), our hydronic heat pumps work in extreme cold climates, as well as cool in the summer! The highest energy saving in North America.
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Our dual action Pool Heat Pumps can heat and cool providing the most cost-effective heating/cooling solutions for any pool, hot tub or chiller tub.
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Free Design Service
Our customer’s get FREE Manual J heating and cooling reports, as well as FREE Loop CAD radiant floor heating and cooling designs.
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Build Your Hydronic System
Build Your Hydronic System

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Unlike most other heat pumps on the market, our cold climate heat pump uses an air-to-water principle. A hydronic heat pump has many advantages over conventional air-to-air heat pumps. Our water heating system units can provide superior energy storage through a buffer tank. By storing the heat energy, we can distribute it to any source we want, such as a domestic hot water, heating and cooling fans, finned radiators, hydronic in floor heating, air handlers, pools, and hot tubs. This means that one heat pump system can provide all the heating and cooling your home requires at a savings of 60%-75% compared to traditional heating systems. The comfort of a hydronic heating has always been superior to forced air as it is cleaner, quiet, and more cost effective to operate.

Our Arctic Heat Pumps will cover your heating needs down to -30C (-22F). Depending on where you are living there could be a few days of the year colder than this operating temperature. This is why we provide a backup heating element inside our EcoUltra buffer tanks. If the water drops below the low temperature set point, the heat pump will automatically turn on the back up heater to help deliver only the added energy needed. However, average winter temperatures below -30C in North America are only seen in the most northern communities, meaning almost everyone has the ability to use our heat pump with very little backup power ever needed.

Hydronic Heaters for Heating & Cooling

Radiant Floor Heating/Cooling

Perhaps the best matched heating source for a hydronic heat pump is radiant floor heating. The lower design temperature maximizes the efficiency of the heat pump. Read More...

Hydronic Fan Coils

Featuring DC hydronic fan coils and air handlers. The quietest most efficient heaters on the market. One fan coil can replace 3 traditional radiators. Complete with remote control the fan coils can both HEAT & COOL the room. Now every room in your house can be optimized bringing you complete home comfort while reducing your energy bill. Read More...

Hydronic Air Handlers

If you have central ducting our variable speed Hydronic Air Handlers can provide you with both forced air HEATING as well as COOLING. Easy to retrofit any electric or gas central heating system! Read More...

Hydronic Heaters
Heat Pump Domestic Hot Water Heaters

Heat Pump Domestic Hot Water Heaters

Heat Pumps for hot water heating are becoming very popular. Did you know hot water represents 20-30% of most homes’ energy consumption! The savings of installing a hot water heat pump can be up to 75% versus electric or gas. That is like reducing your hydro bill by 15-20% simply by switching to a heat pump water heater. Hot Water Heat Pumps are easy to install and depending on the location can be installed indoor or outdoor. We offer 4 different styles of residential hot water heat pumps; each system has its advantages depending on the geographical location.

Arctic EVI Inverter Heat Pumps


ECO ULTRA – Supplemental Back Up for Heat Pumps

eco ultra featured

The perfect combination for any heat pump or geothermal hydronic heating system. Eco Ultra is the only buffer storage tank that is also a fully integrated boiler. This tank provides home owners the comfort they need to ensure their heating demands are met 100% of the time in any weather condition. In temperatures below -30 C (-20F) the air source heat pump loses its heating power. By pairing the cold weather heat pump with the Eco Ultra you can ensure you will always have the energy available in any temperature. Available in 4.5 Kw to 29 Kw size ranges.

The Eco ULTRA boiler is specifically designed to communicate with the Arctic Heat Pump, providing only the minimum heat output required. So when the heat pump loses performance it calls on the boiler to only provide the fraction of energy needed. This minimizes the systems energy requirements resulting in lower heating bills!

Arctic Heat Pump Diagram

EVI Inverter Heat Pump Features

Arctic Cold Weather Pool & Spa Heat Pumps

Arctic Cold Weather
Pool & Spa
Heat Pumps

An energy efficient Heater and Chiller in one unit!

North America’s Only Cold Weather Pool and Spa heat pumps! Until now spa owners were stuck with expensive pool heat pumps that only worked during pool season (above 70 F). Not anymore! Now hot tub and pool owners can enjoy year round savings with our Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps. These cold weather heat pumps work below 20 F (-7 C) and can heat up to 104 F. With titanium heat exchangers and hot gas defrost these heat pumps are loaded with features including time of the day programming and ultra-quiet 47 DB DC fan motors. With COPs as high as 5, these heat pumps are the most economical way to heat your pool or spa in any weather!

Hot weather got you heated up? With an Arctic Pool Heat Pump you can chill your pool or hot tub anytime. Our pool chillers can cool your pool/tub to as low as 45 F in the heat of the summer and then automatically switch to heating at the touch of a button. Looking for cold immersion therapy? You can turn your spa into a cold plunge tub anytime you want!

Best in Class System Design

Why stop with the best performing air-to-water heat pump in North America? Your only as good as the weakest link…. That is why all our complete customized hydronic systems use the best components in the industry. From the latest Grundfos UPSe pumps to our HBX system controllers, we have you covered. We don’t just sell heat pumps; we sell and design complete custom heating and cooling solutions including your hot water needs. When you work with our design team, we will take your project from concept to a full hydronic system package that seamlessly integrates together to give you the peace of mind that you’re getting the best components maximized for the most energy savings.

Grundfos UPSe Circulators
HBX Controller Hydronic Controllers and Wi-Fi Thermostats
IVAR Stainless steel Manifolds made in Italy

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