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Domestic Hot Water Single Tank (HEATING ONLY)

USD$ 1,125
SKU: Single_Tank
Heat Pump Domestic Hot Water

Domestic Hot Water Option

Arctic Heat Pumps can be used to provided both space heating and cooling as well as to provide most of your house holds domestic water supply. This can certainly add to the cost savings value of a heat pump. Domestic hot water is done with the addition of a 160 Foot cooper coil that is placed internal inside the Thermo2000 AltSource buffer tank. With such a high surface area the coil is able to produce up to 96% efficiency providing on-demand hot water. The arctic heat pump can maintain hot water tank temperature in the Summer while still providing cooling. This is done via a two tank system and the hot water tank will be priority maintaining temperature and switching back to the cooling load when the hot water demand is complete. For customers that only have a heating load a single tank design can be implemented and during the summer 100% of the domestic hot water will be achieved through the arctic heat pump and the AltSource domestic hot water coil.

Supplemental tank needed - because the winter load can be large, we always recommend the domestic hot water be designed as a pre-heat where by the cold water heated though the Heat Exchanger in the AltSource tank and then topped up to 120-130 F via a traditional hot water tank or an on-demand water heater.

160 feet Cooper Coil ½”

160 feet Cooper Coil ½”

hot water tank
hot water heating dual tank - heating & cooling
hot water heating single tank - heating only

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Heating Load & Heat Loss Design Services

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