WiFi Module - HBX TMX-0100

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WiFi Module - HBX TMX-0100

The TMX-0100 is designed to be used with the ZON-0550, SNO-0550 and HBX Zone App for remote access.

Wi-Fi Zoning System: Used in conjunction with the ZON-0550 Zone Control, THM-0300 Thermostat, and the free HBX Zone App, the user can control their heating or cooling system remotely from their smartphone or tablet device.

WiFi Module - HBX TMX-0100
HBX TMX-0100

Easy Installation & Operation

Unlike other Wi-Fi systems where you need to configure routers or I.P settings, the TMX-0100 connects directly to your Wi-Fi network within minutes, allowing for a quick and easy installation every time. The TMX-0100 simply connects to the ZON-0550 and SNO-0550 using the CAB-0150 connector which is included. The operational status of the TMX-0100 is indicated by LED lights (Red for Wi-Fi, Green for Ready, Blue for Server). Information is communicated by the color of the lights and whether they are steady or flashing.

HBX TMX-0100 Tech Data

Features & Benefits

For use with the HBX WiFi Zoning System & SNO-0550 Snow Melt Control
Only 1 module needed per system (maximum of 20 zones)
Connects directly to WiFi; no need to configure routers or IP settings
Adds remote app connection capability to the ZON-0550 & SNO-0550
Easy installation
Includes CAB-0150 connector
Made in Canada
HBX TMX-0100 Dimensions

Visit hbxcontrols.com to view the manual and other documentation.

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